W & S General Contrators Ltd.

Regional Petroleum Products Recycling Ltd. has identified Low Temperature Thermal Desorption as the most effective approach to destroying petroleum hydrocarbons in soil. Some of the benefits of this technology are: soil processing time is mere minutes; total petroleum hydrocarbon levels in the treated soil are well below both Federal and Provincial regulations; no harmful contaminates are released to the ambient air; and treated soil is immediately available as replacement fill.

With two mobile units, Regional Petroleum Products can accommodate a clean-up of any size anywhere in Atlantic Canada. Contaminated material is loaded into a dryer drum capable of achieving a soil temperature of 500 degrees Celsius. During the drying process, off-gas is conditioned through a three stage process- a cyclone particulate removal, a baghouse particulate removal and an afterburner- VOC combustion- where dust particles are removed from the air at virtually 100% efficiency. Clean air is then exhausted from the stack where computer monitoring ensures constant quality control.

Regional Petroleum Products works closely with Federal and Provincial Environment departments, as well as local government agencies to ensure public health and safety. Customer satisfaction and care for the environment is our aim.

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